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Boxing - HIIT

This class is taught by:

Mark Canning

Mark is a fully qualified physiotherapist, personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He has a strong sporting background having played rugby for Munster and Ireland at various levels. Mark also holds a black belt in TaeKwon Do. Marks classes are challenging to say the least. His aim is to work together with you to get you in the best shape possible whilst at all times keeping a smile on your face.

Emma Marie

Emma has been in the health and fitness industry for over 4 years, her favourite tool without a doubt is a Reformer which she studied in Australia.
Emma has used Pilates Reformer throughout her career to help several of her clients recover from all types of injuries to the neck, spine and hips all the way to improving personal bests in the gym with heavy lifts such as olympic lifting.
Emma has also worked closely throughout the years with professional golfers, tennis players and footballers. She has tailored each individuals sessions on the Reformer based on their goals, strengths and weaknesses and has proven results from everyone she has worked with.
You will find Emma likes to focus on technique, posture, and core activation in her classes. She also believes breathing is important too and loves to give everyone a challenging workout no matter what level of fitness or experience.
Emma is also a Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition coach. Her training style is HIIT with her favourite style being Tabata (20 seconds work 10 seconds rest) and also trains kickboxing and strength & conditioning. She likes to push people hard, make them sweat (alot), and have fun while doing so.
'Boxing- HIIT' is the new sensational cardiovascular class with a mixture of boxing and martial arts.