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How do I register?

Go online to  and click on “Register” then simply fill in your details and click 'Submit.' Once you have registered on our website you will receive a confirmation email. You can then choose from one of our intro deals - either a free intro class or a 3 Class Pass which can be used for any of our classes. Remember you can only choose one intro deal, so choose wisely! If you have any problems, just call or email the studio and we'll be happy to help you out.

How do I log into my account once I am registered?
Click “Login” then enter your details under the “Member Login”, or Login with Facebook. 

How do I book classes online?
Login, then go to the “Timetable” tab. Use the buttons at the top to scroll to other dates. Join a class by clicking “Sign Up” next to your desired class.  You then have the choice to make a single or recurring reservation. If you have credit in your account, you will automatically be booked in. If you need to purchase classes, you will be directed to the payment page. Your scheduled classes, history and account credit can be viewed in “My Info”.


How do I book classes through the mobile web app?

Bookmark this page Then you can go directly to this page and book into classes easily on your mobile phone - it's iphone and Android friendly!

How do I join the waiting list?

If a class is full, you can join a waiting list up to 90 mins before the start of class. Simply click “Waitlist” by the class you would like to join and if someone cancels up until 90 mins before class you will automatically be added to the class. An email will be sent to notify you and the class credit will automatically be deducted from your account. Please note that you will not be asked to confirm whther you want to join the wait list unless it is less than 90 minutes prior to the class starting.


What happens if I need to cancel a class?
Login, select the “My Info” tab, then “My Schedule”, click on Cancel to remove yourself from the class. As long as you give us no less than 24hrs notice then you will not loose your credit, otherwise the relevant credit will be deducted as per usual from your account. You can cancel your class up to 24 hours before it begins.

What does Late Cancel mean?
“Late Cancel” appears when the online cancellation period has passed. If you know you will not make the class, selecting Late Cancel opens up that space for someone else. In addition 10% of the proceeds that are made by Late Cancellations are donated to Absolute Pilate’s chosen charity – Worldwide Helpers ( So do something good and Late Cancel.

How do I purchase classes?
You can purchase classes in the studio or online. To purchase online, you can simply select “Sign Up” on the class you wish to attend and you will be prompted to purchase a class or series of classes. Alternatively, select the “Online Store” tab, choose the type of class you wish to purchase and the amount, enter card details and the classes will automatically be added to your account. A receipt will be emailed to you.

How long are classes valid for?
Classes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Do you give refunds?
No, we have a strict no refund policy.

Can I use credits on my account to book a class for a friend?
When you select a class you will be given the option to book for someone else. Enter their name and a space will be saved for them but paid for from your account.

What facilities are available at the studio?
The studio is fitted with both men's and women’s changing rooms with showers, towels, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryers... you name it!





Do I need to do a Beginner’s class?
Ideally, yes. Unless you have a lot of experience on the reformer, we strongly advise you to take Beginner’s classes until you have a firm grasp on the technique. Even if you are already very fit, it is important to understand the various techniques of Reformer Pilates so you don’t injure yourself and also so you don’t slow down classes designed for more advanced clients.

Will I still be allowed to join if I am late for class?
You will only be allowed to join the class within 10 minutes of the start time. To avoid any doubt you must be dressed and on the machine within 10 minutes. This is for your safety as you will have missed the warm up and stretching. It is also out of respect for the trainer and those who have arrived on time.

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?
Reformer Pilates is a great way to develop core strength and muscle tone, as well as improve flexibility and posture. Whether you are new to exercise or already super fit, the benefits are endless and results are visible very quickly.

How many classes should I aim to do a week to really see results?
This will depend on each individual and what you are looking to achieve. Many factors come into play so feel free to ask any of our trainers to discuss your personal goals.

Would Reformer Pilates be suitable if I have an injury or am recovering from one?
If you have an injury or have had one in the past, it is best to talk with your doctor first to check if it is suitable for you to take Pilates classes. If you get cleared by your doctor then you can talk with one of our trainers and they will suggest what would work best for you.

Can I do Reformer Pilates or Spin if I am pregnant or have just given birth?
It is best to seek a doctor's advice first before taking part in any physical activity. Pilates can be safe in most stages of pregnancy if your doctor thinks that you are in suitable shape to take part in the classes. Spinning can also be suitable we just recommend that you take it easy.

Are any other classes offered at the studio?
We currently offer Spinning classes several times a week. More classes to come – watch this space.

Can I book private pilates sessions? What about other types of personal training? If so how much do they cost?
Yes. You can book both. Private pilates sessions are particularly beneficial for injury rehabilitation or just those looking to perfect their technique or achieve specific goals. Our trainers can also offer a wide range of other  types of personal training – something to suit everyone! Prices are as follows:
    1 class = £80
    5 classes = £375 (75 per session)
    10 classes = £700 (70 per sesson)

Can I book a private session online?
Yes you can. Select the Appointments tab to see session availability. To book a session,  click on the desired time and follow instructions for payment. If you do not see a suitable time available, contact the studio and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Are your spin classes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Although spinning is a group class we encourage you to take your first couple of classes.You will be controlling the intensity of your exercise – not your instructor. So you can take it as hard or easy as you feel is right for you. 


Do i need special shoes for spinning?

No. But if you become a regular rider we do recommend buying more specific cycling shoes with SPD cleats as our bikes support that system. They make your feet much more comfortable, protect your joints, assure good alignment and make your workout more effective. 


What do i need to bring to the spin class?

A bottle of water and grab a free towel provided at Absolute.