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Absolute Blogging is a place you can find all sorts of useful information that will keep you informed on tips and advice in keeping your body mind and soul in the best shape possible. In addition our in house DJ LMBB (Little Miss Beat Box) bringing you Ab

9 Benefits of Reformer Pilates


What do Karlie Kloss, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kelly Brook and Vanessa Hudgens have in common? Awesome bodies, yes. But how do they get it?

These stars are all fans of reformer Pilates. It's no news that Pilates is an amazing type of exercise, but what exactly are the benefits of this type of practice?The Reformer is a piece of equipment that further aids the practice with different spring options for more resistance, equipment such as light weights and the magic circle. The classes are usually 50-60 minutes long and will include breathing exercises, stretching and sculpting work, using your whole body, all while listening to select playlists with good tunes to get you going. We've listed 9 incredible reasons for you to discover some of the benefits of doing reformer pilates - let this inspire and encourage you to come and try a class at our beautiful Parsons Green Studio!

1. Everyone can do it!
Some forms of exercise may seem daunting if you're unsure of your own physical capabilities, but Pilates really is something everyone can do. The classes are small - only 9 reformers at Absolute - and the teacher will always give you individual attention to assist you with any problems you may have. It is the most gentle, safe and effective way to exercise, and the beauty of doing it on the reformer is that you can adjust the level of intensity to suit your own body, using the springs.

2. Tone and Reshape.
If you've done mat Pilates before, you're likely to know what amazing core-strengthening work it is. Now add on the resistance of the reformer as well as the light weights and you got yourself a whole new artillery to tone up your body with! It is unquestionable that reformer Pilates is a way to - literally - reshape your body. You will never bulk up with Pilates- instead, you can expect that envious long, lean, graceful tone. “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body.”- that is a quote from the founder of the practice, Joseph Pilates. We can testify to the truth of this saying. Don't believe us? Come and try our intro offer - 3 classes for £24 - and see what you think!

3. Rehabilitate
The reformer is a great way to start exercising after an injury. The equipment is so gentle, and this combined with the fundamental principles of Pilates - precise movements performed in a safe way - will help you regain your strength and posture. If you have back injuries or muscular imbalance, it's a great way to regain your strength. The focus on postural work during class will help your spinal alignment and continued practice will help decrease the risk of future injuries.

4. Pregnancy Friendly
During pregnancy, it can be hard to find workouts to suit your changing body. Pilates is excellent for expecting women, as it incorporates core, pelvic floor and posture exercises. Doing Pilates while you're pregnant will significantly help you recover after giving birth - not only will you have an easier time physically caring for your new bundle of joy, you will also bounce back quicker to the shape you were before. If you have questions about working out during pregnancy, don't hesitate to ask at reception - we offer 1-1 consultation on exercise and nutrition, which can help you during and after your 9 months!

5. Weight Loss
Strengthening exercises are imperative to any weigh loss regime. You already know the reformer can work wonders to tone you up, but it can also help you shred. During class, you will definitely feel your heart racing, and depending on the level of the class and your own fitness, practice can get positively sweat-dripping. For an extremely intense cardio workout, we offer amazing Cardio Pilates classes. These 50 minute classes offer you a variety of intervall, HIIT type training - on and off the reformer - as well as the classic sculpting work. This type of class is incredible if you want to switch it up and take your fitness routine to the next level.

Not only will you strengthen and slim down - you'll also get more flexible from doing reformer Pilates. Being more flexible will reduce any stiffness and soreness as well as aid that quest for those long, lean muscles.

7. Everyday
The beauty of reformer Pilates is that, unlike some other physical activity, it can be done everyday. It is gentle enough that it wont tear our muscles, yet can be challenging enough to keep you excited. One important difference between mat Pilates and reformer Pilates is that there are so many more movements and exercises on the reformer - without even getting too into the equipment, there are over 250 movements! The variety of the classes teamed with the skill and focus of the trainer will ensure that your class will always be different, hitting your body and your mind from all different angles :)

8. Breathing
Breathing exercises are always part of the class. Your breathing is absolutely fundamental for your well being, and if you come to class, you'll discover new ways to utilizing your breath to maximize your energy. Building on the concept of core, back and postural strength, the breath links it all together and if you know how to breathe right, you can reduce stress levels and find focus easier in your daily life as well as during class.

Exercising is one of the key players in getting that extra energy we all want and need. It is just incredible how much just a little difference in your physical habits can make - after a class of reformer pilates, you will immediately feel better - exercise releases endorphins, also known as the happy hormone. But you wont only feel it after class - regular exercise will help you gain more energy everyday, even on days you're not working out. So you can ditch the redbull - do some Pilates instead!


Kiwi's at Absolute

What is it about New Zealand and crazy good Pilates instructors? If you've been coming to class recently, you'll have noticed we have a couple of new faces here at the studio, and many of them are from that place on the other side of the world. Kate and Nick are two of our new instructors, and after hanging out with them for a while, I had the feeling that the perception of fitness is quite different over there. I was interested to ask them what they thought about the approach to fitness back home vs. here in the UK.

"Oh, it's totally different! Back home, everyone is so into health and fitness and that industry is just huge there. It's a lifestyle! Because summer is such a big part of life it feels very natural for everyone to be physically active. Everyone will just go to the gm, head to the beach or go play a game of sports together, after work." Kate tells me.

"It's just about making fitness a part of your life, a part of your daily routine. Health and fitness is so important to me, and it's fun to see how people over here are becoming more aware of it too. Like, more conscious about good choices in regards to health and fitness." Nick explains.  "It's just so important for feeling food!"

"Yes" Kate elaborates. "This whole raw food and organic eating is almost like a 'trend' thing overe here, like, 'it's cool to be vegan'. But back home, everyone really is into healthy eating and it's not a very big deal - it's just how it is!"

I've noticed that Kate frequently has a snack with her to work, and it's often of the chocolatey kind.

"I'm a firm believer in salads. Salads and chocolate!" She laughs. "I just love chocolate! But I always make these treats myself, using only organic super foods such as raw cacao, coconut oil and chia seeds, so they're actually healthy." Well, I don't know about you, but we're all about the guilt free snacking - bring it on!

Nick and Kate will both be teaching lot's of classes here this fall and winter, so be sure to check the schedule to come in and try one if you haven't already/. Their classes are so much fun and always varied, getting you that varied Pilates workout we all love so much. Your heart rate will be pumping to the sing-songy sound of their Kiwi accents, guiding you through an awesome class of Absolute Pilates. See you soon!