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Why Does Your Back Hurt?

Why is my back hurting?


This is a very common question in recent modern times with as many as many as 49% reporting (2000) that we suffer from some form of back pain. Does this mean that the human body has a major design flaw in the back area? Are we all domed to suffer lower back pain?


The answers to these questions are NO! It is true that more than half of us suffer back problems but this is due to how we now live our lives. Our bodies are not designed to sit behind a desk for hours on end and this is why our back suffers. The chairs we use, the height of our desks and the lack of exercise all go together making things worse.


So what can you do to change this? Well there are many things, simply get out of your chair every hour and stretch. Your back can not provide the support you require when you do not exercise it, you back needs a regular pumping of blood to keep the muscles warm and healthy. This can be done so easily, by just making sure you move regularly.


Exercise for an hour once a week is vital. You are required to do at least an hour a day, but if you're super busy and cannot commit that much time, than an hour or two a week should start you up. Pick an exercise which will help strengthen your back and stretch your spine such as Pilates. This particular exercise actually helps your back in the long-term and is recommended by doctors and back specialists. They all suggest this treatment for those who suffer chronic back pain for many years. This exercise has benefits for everyone and even women during pregnancies take this exercise on with ease.


This does not mean that this is an easy exercise, in fact quite the opposite as it requires a lot of strength. The exercise was developed was by a physician who worked in the war (Joseph Pilates) and wanted to develop an exercise to help rehabilitate soldiers who had suffered many forms of injuries. The exercises were used to make the patients stronger by developing muscles to support the rest of the body. Although the exercise is not easy, it also has the advantage on not being high impact such as running. There is very little chance that you could be injured with Pilates, so someone suffering from Arthritis could very easily take up Pilates and not cause further damage to their joints.


Of course with this knowledge in mind, consult a doctor about taking up Pilates and whether they recommend it for you, as everyone has a different case with back pain.


So if you're given the all clear then pop to your local Pilates studio. Check out Absolute Pilates plus they also offer other fitness classes

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