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Absolute HIIT

About HIIT


Absolute HIIT is a high intensity full-body workout using a mixture of equipment and bodyweight exercises. If you're looking to burn a large amount of calories to reach weight loss goals or increase your fitness, this is the class for you. These sessions typically involve high and medium intensity exercises with regular rest intervals and last 45minutes to an hour depending on time of day. The exercises will vary each class to keep your body from adapting.



What is HIIT? - HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This type of exercise alternates between high, moderate and low intensity exercise designed to boost both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, however HIIT is mainly known for being a cardiovascular exercise. The main benefits include improved fat burning, increased metabolism and improved fitness.

HIIT-ing the right spot

Our HIIT classes are fast, fun and furious! Although don't let the furious part put you off, you can always rest and cool down when you need to. Since these classes are designed to work all major muscle groups they are great way to supplement our reformer pilates classes. Some of our class benefits are listed below:

·        fat loss;

·        cardiovascular fitness;

·        full body workout;

·        increased metabolism; and

·        fun!

Absolute HIIT Kettlebell