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About Us


Absolute Studios is a boutique space in the heart of Parsons Green that specializes in reformer pilates, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and personal training. All the classes are taught with the vision of giving you a great workout whilst at the same time making you leave the studio on a high and feeling inspired! Here at Absolute we offer engaging workouts that benefit the mind, the body and the soul!

Dynamic Reformer Pilates is a machine based full body core conditioning workout designed to progressively work muscle groups to the core, driving maximum sculpting of the physique through increased caloric burn as well as the lengthening and strengthening of muscle fibers.

Absolute Personal Training is offered by our highly skilled trainers: 1 to 1 or buddy training for those looking for a more personalized approach.






Here, at Absolute Pilates, our classes are performed solely on the pilates reformer machines. Using this piece of equipment, and the pilates training principles, we create a challenging class that focuses on conditioning the entire body to perform and to function optimally. We take into account the effects of the modern western lifestyle, and provide an opportunity for people to rebalance their body by targeting the problematic areas. From attending our pilates classes you can expect to improve your posture, flatten your stomach and tone your limbs, both quickly and safely. We have a highly skilled team of trainers who are all well adversed at dealing with injuries, pregnancy and all levels of ability. Join us and achieve your potential.

Our Beginners classes place a heavy focus and importance on the basics of breathing, posture and the essential movements as well as introducing you to the reformer machine. These classes are designed to help you feel comfortable with the reformer and the studio environment. It is very wise to take the time to learn these basics well, giving you a foundation of knowledge, before moving up. Even if you have done pilates before we highly recommend you attend a Beginners class for your first experience of Absolute.
This level of class requires a good level of strength, fitness and understanding of the basics that are taught in the beginners classes. Using the tools that the machine provides, we can accommodate a very wide range of abilities in these classes and continually challenge you as you improve. These classes are designed to be challenging and to overload your body causing it to adapt and transform.
This is for the experienced individuals who have a a very good understanding of the breathing, postures and movement as well as being very comfortable with the reformer and it's workings. This level of class is designed to produce very fit and strong individuals. It is not a place for beginners.
Pre & Post Natal Reformer Courses
The courses are designed by our highly qualified and experienced trainers Hollie and Vanessa (Qualified in STOTT and APPI ) to provide pre and post natal women with a safe, yet challenging workout using our reformer machines. It has been expertly designed to accommodate women at all stages of pregnancy and up to 4 weeks post natal. Enquire with reception for more information on upcoming course dates.
Privates on the Reformer
One to one training on the reformer. Ideal for those clients that are new to reformer pilates, are recovering from an injury, or are looking to perfect their form.



Absolute HIIT is a high intensity full-body workout using a mixture of equipment and bodyweight exercises. If you're looking to burn a large amount of calories to reach weight loss goals or increase your fitness, this is the class for you. These sessions typically involve high and medium intensity exercises with regular rest intervals and last 45minutes to an hour depending on time of day. The exercises will vary each class to keep your body from adapting.




Personal training is all about staying motivated, on target and getting results in a certain timeframe. We recognize that everyone likes to train in different ways and needs different modes of encouragement to keep on track. Absolute PT is not just about having someone train with you, but having someone guide you so you can make the right decisions for your body and your soul both inside and outside the studio.

Absolute PT offers a very personalized and unique service when it comes to helping clients reach their goals. With a vast selection of trainers and a variety of equipment we make sure to tailor all sessions to meet your needs and make sure that not only do you benefit from the session but you enjoy it!

1 on 1 PT
We understand that everyone has unique needs and goals, and with this in mind you can guarantee that your time is spent getting the results you will love.

Buddy Training
If you like the attention of a personal trainer but would rather train with a friend colleague or family member then buddy training is the way to go.