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"For the last two years I have had chronic lower-back pain brought on by too many years in the army and playing high level rugby. It got to the point where I was in constant pain, seeing a chiropractor on a weekly basis and I struggled to even bend over to pick things off the floor. Pilates was recommended to me by my surgeon and the transformations I have seen are incredible. I now have a reasonably pain free existence and my back is feeling great. In only a few months the pain eased up and I noticed a complete difference in my posture, shape and well-being. Finding Absolute Pilates has been one of the best things I have ever done and I just wish I had done pilates before I got injured....who knows, I may still have been playing rugby!" Richard Magnus

"In Absolute Pilates I have found a facility that offers more than just a gym class. The instructors are fantastic, each offering a different style of pilates instruction, so you can never get bored. The class times are suited for everyone, for early morning risers and for those who need after work hours. The online booking system is simple and easy to use should you need to make a last minute booking. And it doesn't stop there, there are a range of other classes you can take - all under one roof! I am looking forward to my next visit...and really loving my new shape!! Thanks Absolute Pilates!" Amanda

"I had a slipped disc and was told by my consultant that Pilates provides the best form of exercise to aid my recovery and to prevent it recurring. My previous experience of pilates was that it was rather boring and undemanding but Absolute Pilates Plus is very different. You are pushed to your limit so that afterwards you feel like you have really done some exercise and in the long term, it has strengthened my inner core - both front & back. It is also great fun, so I'm a big fan." Helena

"Having joined Absolute over 8 months ago, I can honestly say that it was one of the best things I have done for my body and well being! Reformer Pilates does everything a girl could want it to do for your body- makes you longer, leaner, fitter and more aware of being healthy in general. The instructors are fantastic and now it feels as much as a social occasion visiting Absolute as it does exercise!" Jenny

"I have been going to Absolute Pilates for over 6 months and after the first class I gave up my gym membership and personal trainer! Having had recurring lower back and shoulder injuries, I was looking for something that would strengthen my core, tone my body all over and make me sweat. Within 2-3 wks of taking regular classes, I could feel the difference in my abdominal strength and I have been injury free every since." Victoria

"Having tried all sorts of exercise formats over the years (I am 51) I have found the Pilates Reformer ground breaking in its ability to target every part of your body. For many women struggling in their early 50's the Reformer tones and tightens all of you! Great for your abdominals, bum, legs, it strengthens your muscles, bones, enchances your flexibility, stretchability and I always leave each class feeling at least 2 inches taller. The focus on core strength has left me feeling a lot more in control of my body as my 50's progresses! Try it! You will never look back." Penny